We have raised our children to be patriots. We have always talked about the importance of our freedoms and that we in this country are afforded rights that others in the world are not. We have explained that these are inalienable rights, given by God, that EVERYONE has and is entitled to. We have explained that it is important to honor those who fought for those freedoms, for if we forget this, we lose who we are.

We have always talked about how important it is to fly a flag in front of our home. We are the only people on our block, to date, who have chosen to do so. We proudly fly it every day, rain or shine. We do this purposefully. We do it with intent. We do it to send a signal.

We have taught our children to salute soldiers, police officers, firemen and first responders when they see them. We have led by example and thanked them in their presence for their service and their sacrifice. Our children have continued this legacy, and hopefully will pass this on to their own children.

We stand for the national anthem, remove our caps, and put our hands over our hearts when it is played. We have conversations with those who kneel, and try and help them understand the importance of the flag and this beautiful song.

We celebrate today with honor and gratitude. We understand that there are those who burn and dishonor this beautiful heritage to protest. We disagree with them and pray for their hearts, for they are lost and angry.

Today we are especially grateful for honor, patriotism and sacrifice.

We will do as we always do, we will fly Old Glory.

We will live with honor and selflessness.

We will continue this example, even if unnoticed.

We will be thankful that God blessed America.

We will continue to defend this beautiful country with everything we have.

We will talk about those things that are uncomfortable and challenge the untrue.

We will continue to be amazing patriots.

We will pray that you will too.

2 thoughts on “Patriots

    1. so proud to be an American and all the beauty that it stand for – God Bless all those who serve and protect our great nation!!


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