Yep. I am going to go there!

The dictionary definition is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. There are many books, papers, TED talks and discussions surrounding this subject. There are workshops designed around it and it is a buzzword that has been floated around for years. The meaning and usage that pertains to our current situation is founded in guilt and perpetuates hate.

Many who might read this will say that I have no business even writing about this. It is really not my place. I say to those very people, you cried it now let’s come to the table and debate.

If we are going to say that this theory is our problem and that privilege gives us unfair advantages I say you look at me on the surface and make assumptions. You cannot see past your biases about finding out who you assume I am, and put barriers up to really coming together and discuss real solutions. The world is currently doing this to the police. They are saying ALL about a group of people and this will never get us to where we need to be. This takes all the good that has and is happening and throws it away.

Here is a bit of our story: We grew up in the city that now burns. Our parents are hard-working, faithful, wonderful people who taught these values in our home. My dad and mom worked 4 jobs between them to make sure we had what we needed. They slept little and played hard and taught us that hard work and faith in God would always be the way. From these values I learned that service to your fellow man was what was important. My parents would literally give anyone the shirts off their back and have. They volunteer, serve their communities and set examples for all to see.

What gets me in my core, is that many say, doors were opened, ways were paved and priority given because of what I look like and where supposedly I have been. I say this is a bunch of bullshit and designed to inflict guilt and pain I am supposed to acknowledge my privilege, express my guilt, take a knee, wash some feet, topple a statue and apologize for those who came before me, for therefore it must have shaped my heart and mind. Erasing history will heal all that ails. This will somehow make everything better. This, I am afraid my friends, will further divide.

This load of crap is exactly what those who are shouting it the loudest, and using as an excuse to justify why they have not had success are peddling. It is filled with hate, remorse, guilt, strife and immorality. The divide grows deeper and there is never a way to rectify. Taking one bad feeling and fixing it with another will never be our solution.

So instead of erasing history, how about we create a world where we let go of our guilt, do not ask others to apologize for who they are, work for what we want in life, and not expect anyone to give us anything. Here is a news flash everyone: nobody owes you anything! If we want it, we live in a country where it is ours to grab. Shouting that it only is that way for SOME is only an excuse, and it holds no water, if you point to the successes. I am not talking about celebrity, for they are not the norm. I am talking about normal, everyday people, who work for what they want, serve their communities, and set examples of morality for all to see. If you argue that this is not happening, then you are the problem, for it is only by choice that you do not see this.

Shouting about privilege has no room in the hearts and minds of the moral. If we live by what is right, we do not hold power over others (this does not mean no rules or structure in society-that is insane), refuse to inflict guilt or ask people to erase history we might have a chance at getting somewhere. I choose to believe that people actually want solutions and not divide. I truly believe this is a fight of good versus evil and the moment has come to pick a side.

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