For those of you who read my blog, there is a direct attempt to silence me. There are those who believe that being a conservative and being a teacher are mutually exclusive. I will not say who or where or how. I will just say that despite the fact that this is happening, I will continue to write.

I believe that I just read the most insidious thing yet to date yesterday. This is not the attempt to silence me that I speak about, but clearly there are some who share this sentiment. I read a tweet of an opinion, of a person I will not name. I do not believe in slandering an individual. I think that people make mistakes. I myself do it everyday. I do not believe that this blog or my words are a mistake. However, I will share this person’s words so that you can hear about why I am speaking today.

This person wrote:

“Conservatives CANNOT be teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, or bosses. It’s constitutionally unfair to others who are subjected to the conservative’s deranged judgment. Conservatives can do menial work, until they’re ready to join the human race.”

I pray this was a lapse in complete judgment, however I am not sure this is true. I found this on Twitter. It shook me to my core.

All of the above people mentioned give of their own talents and time to contribute to society to make it a better place and help others, often at great sacrifice. A conservative by definition is one who holds to traditional values and beliefs. These traditions are deep rooted and stem from religion and social values.

So what this person is calling for, is a destruction of the essential foundation of our great country. Our country was founded on, and I will argue, has remained for the last 250 plus years, on morals, values and traditions that grew out of an escape from oppression. Evidently that is what now ails our country, this oppression of a class of people, and conservatives are to blame.

This person claims that conservatives have a deranged judgment. This is a mental disorder that clouds judgment. So buying into traditional values, which highlight right or wrong, makes a person mentally deranged and gives them the inability to make decisions because of this. The solution to this is to dismiss morality and traditional values, and replace it with feelings and emotions. Oh boy. This cannot be true. Apparently we are not even welcome in the human race anymore if we cannot let go of these conservative values. Oh give me a break!

While doing my research on this very topic, I wanted to see what people were writing about. Much to my disgust, I found ample examples of people crying this very thing. Well, at least we know what we are up against. I actually came across an article that talks about the fact that you can get a diagnosis of TDS or TDA. If you do not know what this is, it is Trump Derangement Syndrome or Trump Derangement Anxiety. There are actual psychologists handing out these diagnosis. What in the actual #$@! is happening? I found many articles written about this. I am shaking my head at the stupidity. Whether or not you like someone in power, that is not the point. Blaming an individual person for your stress or anxiety, that you do not have a personal relationship with is actual insanity. Oh well, maybe they do have a case.

What has actually begun to happen, is a war on the middle class culture of our country. We are seeing that traditional values of work, religion and family are under attack. We have allowed sin to infiltrate our culture, and it is now time to rise up and take it back. We have a generation of young people who have been fed that authority has no place over our lives. That we are all inherently racist and that they need to speak always and loudly what is on their mind.

What we actually need to do is we need to fight against group think and the media and take back the values that help everyone in this culture. We need to enable people to have pride in themselves, their neighborhoods and their morality. We do not need to hand anyone anything. We need to teach them to work, teach them to take pride in their culture and in America simultaneously and encourage them to success.

Without the conservative doctors, teachers, police officers, coaches and bosses, we are unable to bring the morality that is missing to many. We cannot be the examples. We eliminate free choice when we do this. This will not help anyone. It will be the downfall of our society.

When we start to only present one side of the argument to a population, we give away our freedoms. A study by the Brookings Institute cites that the middle class is becoming more race-plural. I applaud this! This is what is the ultimate goal. That everyone can find success in our great nation! By eliminating the conservative values, you will further erode the middle class. This will ultimately hurt first, those who are by class more fragile. We will be brought back to dependency and divide among people.

I feel like those who make policy know this. They must, for the data does not lie. You cannot argue with the research. It is clear for all to see and hear. It does not fit a political narrative designed to erode conservative values though, so it will never be highlighted. Those who make policy and scream racism and inequity must not actually want those things to succeed. For without conservative values, the foundation is a rocky one. When you do what is right, just and moral there is only a choice between right and wrong. Color does not have a place in this equation.

The attempt to silence my voice will not be successful. I am going to continue to offer my personal perspective. I will continue to do my research and be guided by my moral compass, not what someone says is politically correct or motivated. I will pray for those who are conservative in those roles and wait for God to guide me along the way.

2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. No voice should be silenced. Democracy is built on freedom of speech. Healthy dialogue builds relationships.


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