Prior to a month ago, I would not have thought of myself as a revolutionary. I never thought of having politics in my wheelhouse. However, I have become energized to write, research and be vocal about those things that matter to me. I feel as a country, that we are in the beginning stages of a revolution. We are at a crossroads so to speak. This is accelerated by the fact that we are in an election year, but if you really look backwards a bit, it has slowly been creeping in.

Yesterday I was forced to defend my position in this revolution. I was faced with a fork in the road. I chose to hold my head high, stand by my morals, and take my chances. I was met with what I thought would be strife and ultimatums. I was fortunately, happily surprised. I gave it to God, and found out that with Him, all things are possible. There is actually good left in this world. I discovered that when you trust in Him, that the pathway will be towards what is good and right, and that even though barriers might be throw at you, that if you pursue this goodness, that it will always point you in the right direction.

In this journey, I have realized that many people are afraid to speak about what is going on. I get multiple emails and messages every day that encourage, thank and talk about the fact that I am giving voice to those who cannot. It puzzles me, though it should not, that in this beautiful country that we live in, founded in morals and faith, that we are so far from this reality with many.

I do not find it hard to speak about what is right and moral. I can separate what one police officer did as horrific. I can understand that the peacekeepers are necessary and wanted, and that one action does not erase all of the beautiful and meaningful interactions that are necessary in a civilized society.

To those who are currently trying to silence me, I hope you are listening and reading because here is my message:

Morality is not in the hearts of people who try and assassinate a person’s character. You should be ashamed of your actions, and know ultimately that you have completely underestimated my character and resolve. I will continue to fight for what is just, honest and right in this world. You have failed at trying to silence me in your weak and emotion-driven actions. Actions have consequences. Make sure you listen to this, for I will use morality to guide my decision making, as always, and my best is yet to come.

Morality is not in the hearts of those who choose to argue instead of listen, for it is more important to them to win an argument, than to listen and find common ground.

Morality is not in the heart of those who choose to burn down buildings, steal from their neighbors and hurt others.

Morality is not in the hearts of those who have waged war on the police.

Morality means more to me than any job or connection with those who choose otherwise. I will always defend morality. I am not here to judge you, but know I will also not back down from this fight.

I am completely done listening to those people who say the police deserve what they are getting. This is a sad, hate-fueled, non-fact based argument meant to pit neighbors against one and other. It is not data driven and therefore, only political in nature. When only politics enter the picture, we are faced with being revolutionaries.

I am not asking you to stand on the street corner or take each day and protest online. I am not asking you to argue or cause problems with your family and friends. I am not suggesting you call up your neighbors and hold rallies in your backyards.

I am however suggesting that when someone brings up the police, and you are faced with the moral dilemma of saying what you feel, or saying what you need to to avoid a conflict, please choose to say what you feel. Stand up for what you say you believe in. Do this with kindness and humility. Do your research and educate yourself. Stand your ground and help me defend those who choose to defend you. Help me hold up these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for you and your peace of mind each and every day. Look inside your own hearts. Think long and hard about what you believe is the moral decision.

Make sure that now more than ever, when choosing your actions and your words, pick the side of morality and be a revolutionary.

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