Enough is enough.

We are not going to have our liberties stolen from us.

We are not going to be told what to do by people who do not follow these same rules themselves.

We are not cancelling Thanksgiving.

We are not cancelling Christmas.

We are not allowing anyone to tell us who and how many we can gather with in our own homes!

We are not selfish.

We are not stupid.

We are not unneighborly.

We are free.

We are given this freedom by God, not man.

I am done listening to man.

I will be moving forward, living my life without fear, without trepidation and without compromise.

I have a duty to my children to set the example for them to live by, and as hard as it will be, I will choose liberty over restriction.

I will be careful.

I will not live scared.

This is about what we will tolerate.

Anyone who tells you different is wrong.

They are too scared to say it out loud.

Speak for them.

This is not about a virus.

This is about control.

I am now pushing back.

I resist and I will speak out.

Have you had enough?

When tyranny becomes “law” rebellion becomes duty.

I for one will be doing my duty.

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