Not A Snapchat Opportunity

You need to understand that they are coming for the rest of the city tonight or tomorrow. I am not playing around. They meaning 10000 rioters who are shooting and burning and causing chaos. The police are way outnumbered and they cannot protect themselves much less you. The governor himself admits this. Unless there is some help from the military at this point there will not be an end to it. The city is burning around them and they are helpless. They are tired and defeated. They have no clear plans or leadership. They cannot help anyone. I do understand you want to believe this is not real, but I want you to know this is serious. They are systematically burning the city down. These are NOT OUR NEIGHBORS. These are paid disruptors who want no authority over their lives. They are lawless and will hurt you without a second thought. They hate everything our country stands for. This is not being dramatic. This is happening. Please tell your teenagers and young adults to stay home! This is not a Snapchat opportunity!Please call the mayor and the governor. If you think for one second that the suburbs are not next you are mistaken.

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