Let It Burn?

I went to wash Matt’s uniform I was down in his office. He had to clean out his locker yesterday and the contents are in a giant plastic garage bag. 25 years of service to his community. The community we grew up in reduced to one garbage bag. This is a man who took a gigantic pay cut to come protect the city he grew up in. A community that he cares about and loves. HE HAS NOT RESIGNED. HE WAS TOLD TO CLEAN OUT SO HE DOES NOT LOSE HIS PROPERTY TO BURNING DOWN OF THE PRECINCT. Shame on you Mayor Frey! The many officers who are posted outside of your fancy apartment should refuse service to you!!! Let the community members protest and they will continue to be protected. Force the agitators out! The police cannot provide an opportunity for the community membersto honor George Floyd’s memory if they are protecting them from those who could care less about George Floyd. They do not support what happened to George Floyd. If they did, they would clean out those lockers and never return.


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