My Childrens’ Burden

This is difficult to type. I have waited for a couple of days to post this but here it goes…There is more to this than you can ever understand and comprehend unless you are in the law enforcement family. I can go into details about why, who and how but that is only a narrative of a story you may never see and will probably never believe. I want to be clear that I am going to say the following, not for sympathy but for perspective and reality. Our sons have been given a burden that children of parents who are not in law enforcement will ever understand. I sat with my youngest and watched him sob. He was not just sobbing out of fear and worry. He shared with me that he is now in the business of defending his family. He is at 17 years old being asked questions about his father that he can but should not have to answer. Ask yourself, does your child have to do this!?!Let me be clear to everyone out there. Words do matter. I have taught my children to choose wisely. My children know who their father is. They know he is not a murdering cop. They know he is not a racist. They know he is continuing the work he knows he is called to do to be that voice to bring change and lead. They know we have always and will continue to shout from the rooftops that racism has no place in anyone’s heart. They understand that now more than ever people are looking at us to do so. I ask of you to have a deep conversation with your children, families and especially your neighbors. Please don’t let what happened and is happening be the narrative for negativity. Please find it in all of your hearts to help those people understand that. Please understand I am not looking for apologies, answers or comments. That is never what this has been about.

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