Intent does not matter, impact does. I have had a couple of different people say this is days past about my disagreement with black lives matter and white privilege. I have made it crystal clear that I believe black lives matter as an organization to be corrupt and politically motivated. This is not to say that people who back it do so with that intention, but ultimately their money and efforts go towards furthering a cause that does not invest in black lives. This is for all to see and discover. I have done my research, now it is time to do yours.

White privilege or the theory of it screams of racism. When you make it about skin color you separate and divide. The argument that skin color affords you special opportunities is weak. If this were so, people of color would not want to come to a country that is so inherently racist and filled with white people. Privilege is afforded to those who work their asses off in this world. Privilege does not see a color. Privilege as a color is a pathetic excuse to not really fix underlying issues in any social environment. It places blame and ignores personal responsibility of those who supposedly suffer from its effects.

I had a person I know post saying all lives matter in accord with black lives matter is like saying “I have a birthday too” at a birthday celebration for someone else. Ummm no, not really. The statement went on to say white people, sit down. Not our turn to talk. Not the first time I have heard this kind phrase uttered either.


This divide we are in is fictional. I have friends, family, neighbors and colleagues of many different races, creeds, cultures and classes. I love the beautiful spectrum of perspectives and experiences they bring my life and I hope I bring to theirs. We talk about race, class and culture quite often. This is not to discuss what makes us different, but what makes us the same.

I have found that what all people really want is to be heard. They want to be understood and belong. They want to have people they can call when they have good and bad times. The people I know hate what is happening right now. ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW. They are confused and sad. They know this is not the reality of their situation and that they are pawns in a political game.

I say I will not shut up and that it is EVERONE’S turn to talk because my friends and neighbors who are people of color want everyone at the table. They hate the divide. They are anxious that they will judged by the actions of a few and set back decades in progress. They are careful in conversation and unsure of how people will judge them, including people of their same race. They are hard working, God-fearing people who love family and community. They want EVERYONE to live side by side.

No book or lecture or in service will fix what is broken, for the police are not brutal in nature, and for those who believe differently, even though I know and love a police officer, I CAN speak to this. I am so sorry, but as inconvenient as it is for many to believe, the data is crystal clear. Police are not the brutality in communities. I know this sucks because it would be so damn easy to fix it. We could eliminate the system that is broken and all would be fine and well. I barely have a horse in this race, he is almost at the end of his sprint in the community he loves, so it does not really benefit me to argue this with you, but I promise you I will. Police are not the enemy of any people. They are protecting by nature. Yes they make mistakes and some of them are gigantic, but so do ALL communities and individuals.

Hate to be the one to tell everyone, but human beings hurt human beings. Crime happens within individual communities. This is fact based data. It is not rhetoric or politics. It is really just about convenience and opportunity.

I would suggest for your own benefit, that if you are not prepared to have heated conversations with someone who is drinking the kool aid as far as black lives matter and white privilege is concerned, feel free to send them my way. Apparently I am “arrogant” enough to refuse to let them take us as a country and divide us into corners.

This is about understanding people as PEOPLE. I really feel in my heart that God wants and teaches us to love ALL people. I love the people who think the rhetoric will get us closer to a solution. I can still love someone without agreeing with them.

Intent DOES matter. IMPACT plays victims. I know hardly anyone who means to cause harm on purpose. I would bet you would agree. Therefore, I will not allow those I love and know to be labeled the victim. They are not victims and do not see themselves that way.

I want better for everyone than to carry these burdens and be anxious. This is an invisible beast. The people of this great nation WANT AND DO love living together. Stop listening to those who do not know you or have your best interests in their hearts. Listen to what ultimately matters. Listen to those you choose surround yourself with and let this anxiety go together. Make an impact by being a good person. This will spread like wildfire.


Apologies will not be given or accepted at this time.


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