As of late, I have had a few people I know who have left social media. They have sent me messages to say that I should keep writing, but they need a break from the social pressure that they are getting from their neighbors or family members. They have thoughts and feelings that they want to express, but they are growing weary of the constant strife that surrounds them in their daily life.

I understand this sentiment all to well. I have had people make direct attempts to assassinate my character because they disagree with what I believe. They are so hell bent on me agreeing with them that they will try and slay my character and reputation online and in private. They say things that are untrue and unfounded, but once something is out there, it is often very difficult to undo. It is all part of the risk of speaking your truth. I went into this game knowing the rules. I will stay playing, because I feel that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Here is why I continue to talk about things that make people feel uncomfortable: I am asking people to think outside of their community and comfort zone. I am not forcing anyone to agree with me. My intention is only to provide a flip side to the conversation. If we only have one side to a debate, we cannot grow or evolve in our thinking.

I have watched many good people who are quiet and kind in nature, feel the need to go radio silent on social media. It makes me sad for them. I know their intent is good, and they want to speak their truth. I say to them that it is ok to sit quietly and listen for a while, but do not let others tell you that you are immoral or not inclusive in your heart.

I have witnessed many people try and shame people who they would never, ever consider confronting with conversations in real life. This seems cowardly to me. I want those very people to understand that I would be glad to have any direct conversation with you regarding my personal perspective. The problem is, I am pretty sure this request will not be met.

Many people are growing tired of the noise and the distractions. They want to go back to soccer and happy hours with their friends. I get this. I understand this. I just hope that people do not forget what got us to this place where we sit now. There is still hurt and pain hovering in the air.

There are communities that are faced with insecurity in their safety because of the decisions of a few. There are people who are uncomfortable and unsafe because they are being spoken for by people who would never live near or travel to their very neighborhoods. These are people who carry guilt for who they are and what they have. They want to solve a problem for people they have no relationship with. They are doing it for the right reasons but going about it, in my opinion, the wrong way.

These are heavy and important conversations that make people exhausted. They are uncomfortable and bring up feelings of guilt, anger and frustration. These are good people that just want to help find solutions to help their fellow human beings. These feelings are legitimate and should be honored.

My perspective and personal experience will still continue to be added to this process of finding solutions. I ask that if you are reading it and disagree with it, do not take it up with someone who agrees with me. Please come to the source of the information. Please do not attempt to silence or intimidate others because of my words. I will own my personal perspective. I have no issues with discussing it with you.

I am tired but not exhausted. I will continue to write and speak about what I believe to be happening. I will not be offended if you do not believe me. This is not my goal at all. I am secure in my beliefs and know who I am.

The last thought of today is this:

I see your passive aggressive behavior and raise you the truth.

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