The essence of EVIL is the destruction of order. This is what we are currently witnessing on our streets and in our communities. This is being disguised under social justice issues and outcries. It is a farce, and it is designed to destroy order and distract.

The price we will pay if we allow this destruction of order is one that is of the highest degree. Part of me already feels that we as a society have given in.

I personally am fighting against this daily in what I write and the words that I speak. Often times, I feel very alone. It is designed to be lonely. I must remind myself that God is always by my side.

Those who seek to destroy this order want it to be this way. There is strength in numbers. Those who seek to destroy order know this. They want to distract from real solutions and place blame on those who have nothing to do with the real problems or solution making.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is one of these forces of EVIL that we should be very aware of and question. The thought behind the statement itself is one that I support. Black lives do matter to me. I would always say this to anyone who asks. Life matters. All life. Born, unborn, black, white, yellow, red, woman, man, and nature. This does not take away from the fact that black lives are important by saying this.

Social justice warriors will argue with you that you cannot say this in response, but it is time for everyone to stand up to those people and say yes, it is a free country, and it is racist in nature to say any life matters more than another. It is not for us to decide. It is for God.

Those who argue with you will laugh. Let them. It is insecurity in their own faith foundation that makes them do this. They know they are weak in their argument and that if they shame and laugh at you that they might make you agree with them. These are bullying tactics. Do not fall for it. It is the word police. They do not come from a place of morality. They come from a place of weakness and anger. Push it back with kindness and humility. Stand your ground. Question why you seek the approval of individuals and not God. Know what is right and fight for it.

We are at a real crossroads in our country, and if you are not seeing this, you are not awake. I know this is scary to face and it makes many worried and anxious. It should. Here is what you do. You pray for the strength to fight it. You do this with humble intentions. You continue to do it each and every day. I promise this is what the solution is. Fight those that laugh at you for saying this. It is their problem not yours. Remember this when alone or pushed in a corner. Do not stop. It is going to be okay.

Order is a necessary part of our society. It is what separates us from the animals. What we are seeing now is a call for dismantling of this order. Many in power are placing blame in the wrong direction. They are allowing destruction, death, harm and violence to overtake their cities. They are allowing the very neighborhoods that are inhabited by many people of color to implode on themselves and be overtaken with crime. They are allowing immorality and lawlessness take place in mini and macro ways each and every day.

You need to call your city leaders and demand change and voice your opinion. You need to talk to those around you and disagree with them, kindly, when it matters. You need to be educated and express your opinion when it is necessary to do so. If you allow this to continue to happen around you, it will very soon, be knocking at your door.

Do not allow the destruction of order continue to permeate our society. This is not the norm. It is EVIL at work. EVIL works swiftly and quietly at first, but like a fire, once it is sparked, it becomes powerful and will destroy everything in its path. EVIL is very difficult to stand up against. It is loud, harsh and critical. It yells, demands and blames. It is rude and offensive. It is dangerous. Very dangerous. Be vigilant against IT.

This beautiful society of ours was built on foundations of faith and morality. We have moved away from this and it is time to move quickly back. We must teach our children the RIGHT from the WRONG. We must not allow pop psychology and humanism to overtake our thought processes. We must stand up to those that push harmful agendas in the name of social justice. We must work hard against this EVIL that is here.

Order is not the enemy of our society. The lack of it is. I challenge you today to pray for the strength to either begin or continue to fight against the destruction of this order. EVIL is present, and only through GOD, can we drive it out.

Hold your head high when you encounter the EVIL in these warriors. Let them laugh and hurl insults. Let them argue and spew hate. Let them continue the rhetoric that feels easy to get behind. Let them not question the hate that underlies their causes. Pray for their souls.

Order is necessary. Order can only come from GOD.

Trust your instincts when it comes to what is right. Give pause when necessary to do so. It is hard to not be unkind when people are mean and hateful against you. It is not right to be mean back. It is giving in to the same EVIL that they are. Pray for the strength to ask for and fight for what you know to be right.

It is time to take back the order in our society. It will be hard. It will take time. It will take numbers. I challenge you to look deep in your heart.

Pray for the knowledge to do so. Pray for the humility and peace to do so. Pray for the courage that it requires.

Order through GOD is the only answer. Order through EVIL will be our demise.

“I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.” – Romans 16:17

2 thoughts on “Order

  1. My understanding of the BLM isn’t that they matter more but they matter as much. BLM doesn’t want society to continue to think a black life isn’t as valuable as a white life. That the death of a Black person has isn’t as profound as the death of a white person. As God loves all lives equally, so should we.


    1. The Black Lives Matter movement is politically based. If Black Lives Mattered to BLM then there would be outrage at the black on black crime that is now running rampant in Minneapolis. I am not saying they say they matter more. They are picking and choosing when they matter and making people pit against each other. BLM promotes violence and in my opinion should never be protected or promoted. The leaders of their organization and their website outline their agenda. I ask that in order to get behind a cause that people do their research.

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