Brave is many things. It is visible to others. It is an act or acts to show courage. It is also invisible many times. It is quietly working for nothing other than a greater good. I am searching daily for opportunities for bravery. I am seeking them in others actions or displays. I am used to being surrounded by this and it brings normal to my life.

I am saddened by the acts of weakness and danger that are displayed on a daily basis in many of our communities. I have seen people yelling, screaming, hurting and destroying. They demand and topple. They riot and they march. They are often not connected with the community they are in. Many are not people of color. They are shouting and hurting with an agenda in mind.

They have taken advantage of many different situations we are in right now. They are riding out a perfect storm. They are organized and they are driven. Hate seems to be at the forefront of their agenda.

My own teenager is watching all of this. What should be a year of hope and innocence is now tarnished and filled with angst. He is increasingly frustrated at what he is seeing and hearing. He is nervous for what being back together in school will bring.

He is concerned for the future or lack thereof. He is worried about peer dynamics and social interactions. He is certain that these last six months have not brought people closer together. He understands that he will be faced with some tough choices when entering that building once again. He knows that people know about our family. He is preparing for the fight.

We have had long discussions about what to do upon graduation. A future that was once talked about with sports and college in mind is now filled with questions more than answers. He is feeling anchored towards home in a strange new way. He also feels a patriotic presence rising in his core. He is weary of social pressures. He is anxious for the inevitable fights to come.

These social justice warriors who are taking full advantage of this chaos are doing far more damage than good. The brave do not spew hate and hurt others with intent. They do not bring ruin to the very communities that they are marching in or supposedly for. They do not point fingers or scream insults. They just do not.

The lessons being taught to our young people are ones we must try and undo. I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to make sure that this crowd of haters does not permanently damage my family and our core values.

We must work harder than ever to teach and reteach those things we hold important. We must trust God and His plan in our journey. We must pray for the souls of those who are misguided in their endeavors.

We must be braver than ever in these days to come.

We must pray for strength, guidance and humility.

We must pray to end the suffering of those who are innocent in all of this.

We must pray hardest for those who have lost their way, for I think Evil is present among us.

Evil is showing Its true colors to everyone.

Evil is not welcome to stay.

I pray each day to be braver than the last one.

Being brave, even if quietly, is really the only way.

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