I think we might be in dangerous territory.  Actually I am certain of this.  Censorship has taken hold in our society.  I am awake to this reality and would like you to bear with me.

When the protests started I felt a motherly instinct rise.  I am not going as far to say that George Floyd did not die.  He did.  It was horrible as presented.  No question about it.  What I do question is the destruction that has continued to happen in his name. It all seems to be to organized in nature and continues. This is no longer to honor his memory. It is to destroy our beautiful country one citizen and building at a time.

I wake each day waiting to see what new special surprises await us.  It is a gut instinct that tells me we have not seen the worst of what is yet to come.

Our main media outlets are calling for censorship of ideas.  This is being imposed on big people and little people.  Conservative ideas are being targeted on a daily basis.  Conservative people and groups are blatantly under attack.  They are being treated with different sets of rules and standards.

I know this because I have had my first go around with being censored. My 71 year old mother was censored for the same thing.  This is disturbing at best.  It should worry each and every person reading this.  Hitler and his followers used this tactic to control.  Communist leaders use this to control.  It should scare the shit out of everyone.  It is the beginning of the end for the country as we know it if we allow it to happen.  Speaking up is the only way out. 

I had people I know argue the legitimate nature of what I posted and had censored.  I am extremely careful about what I share.  I research and post only after I check the facts being stated and look up the people who are saying it.

I shared something with confidence and it went under attack.  What I fundamentally believe, and will fight for until the death, is the option to have different opinions, especially when it comes the medical information and science.  Both of these things are fluid by nature and ever evolving based on understanding.   It is common practice to get second opinions when medical information is concerned.  I am questioning whomever believes that this should no longer be an option.  This is why people flee to our country people! It is to avoid this suppression of information and control over their lives.

I think that the time for reason is coming to an end.  I think that the enemy is within and Evil has permeated their souls.  I am going to guess that either way this fall plays out with schools, viruses and the election, that we have much bigger problems on our hands. We have all become dependent on people and organizations that have little interest in our personal liberties. It is imperative that we find a way to take them back.

The reality seems to me to be that no matter how things go from here on out, that the things that have been taken from this once free society are not gone forever.  They can and must be fought for. The outcome of political battles to come will further divide this country into those who want those freedoms to remain and those who are unaware or indifferent to the fact that they are now gone. 

You can ask me to be quiet.  You can censor me and try and bully me into changing my mind.  You can try and show pity or question my sanity. I must say, that I really don’t answer to anyone but God. God has given human beings the right to freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This can and will be maintained.

You can say shhhhh and shake your head in disgust.

Do what you need to. 

So will I.

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