There has been a calm in the air lately. I have felt it and I must say it is welcome. I do not necessarily trust it, but I will take what I can get these days.

I have had some difficult conversations and decisions that I have made over the last couple of weeks. It is becoming more and more evident to me that I must choose more wisely, those that I surround myself with. It is important. I have decided that I will hold my head high and understand that it may be mutual for many. I am ok with this.

I am not for everyone. I know this about myself. I have always been this way and it is ok. I am confident and will not apologize for my viewpoints. I remind those who take offense to stop reading. There are many other forms of entertainment out there. I certainly do not force anyone to look or agree.

I think that the calm is coming from the knowledge that like many things in life, change can be great. It is scary and unknown, but also beautiful and a challenge.

Matt will be leaving his career behind to work in teaching Law Enforcement. He has decided that the stress is just too costly for our family. He will use his vast knowledge and experience for good. He will help guide those who have chosen this life.

I am proud of his decisions. He has worked hard, despite all of the crap that goes with this job. He has sacrificed and it has been hard.

I am aware that some feel this is his choice. I am done entertaining the haters. Just do me a favor and keep it to yourself. I am not so calm that I will not be offended by this.

You will never understand so stop trying. I am sick of hearing your excuses and rhetoric. It is just divisive and simple minded.

I am quite frankly annoyed at your words and rants. You probably are not even reading this anymore, but if by chance some of you are still hanging on, know I will no longer debate you.

We are too deep into this shitshow for compromise.

I have realized one true thing on this journey, that being on the right side of history is sometimes the hardest thing to ever do.

The calm I have comes from my faith, my family and my foundation.

I know that the calm could be before the storm.

I know that this crazy world we live in is difficult and unfortunately, seemingly full of more EVIL than ever.

I will continue to pray that God guides those who follow Him to the path that influences the good in the world.

The storm that is brewing around us is so hard for many to understand.

I will try and continue to spread this calm and truth the best that I know how.

I will continue to write.

I will honor my family.

I will honor God.

I will remain calm in my heart and in my mind.

I will try and spread this calm to those who need it.

I will pray for those who refuse to see it.

4 thoughts on “Calm

  1. When you say your not for everyone, I love who you are and you say what you believe in and ALWAYS stand by what you believe in. That’s always what I have loved most about you. Always praying for you and the family! Love you! Wendy


  2. You are the voice of many of us who cannot express our feelings well. I am happy that Matt has found a new career path that will actually help those that want to be the new force that keeps peace. My son graduated with a Criminal law degree intending on becoming a police officer but after all that has gone on he is rethinking things. Hopefully my son will find his calling in life as well. May God bless your family. Sue


  3. Sarah your words always leave me hopeful, you write the truth and we (my family and I) stand behind you and Matt. We are forever grateful to Matt for his service and all others who serve and protect with him!!


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