The definition of faith is the conviction and belief in things not seen.

Faith is what grounds me.

Faith is what wars are rooted in.

Faith is what is fundamental and woven in our American culture.

Faith is under attack right before our eyes.

I for one have taken my faith for granted multiple times in my life. I have waxed and waned many times during my adolescence and young adulthood.

Parenthood brought my faith foundation to the surface and to where it remains.

Our family is grounded and surrounded in faith.

It is our identity.

A few who have read my blog have called me conceited and self-righteous.

I can accept that as their opinion.

I have faith in God, and know what I hold to be true and right.

I do not need approval from others to continue to speak it.

I often have to defend my faith due to the misinformation and dogma surrounding it.

It is fundamental to do so. I will continue to do so and welcome the opportunity to debate.

I have recently heard the claims and qualifications of some who are in power that their faith is what drives them and forms who they are.

I am disgusted and saddened by these statements. I disagree that this is their motivation.

I am sorry that we as a nation have moved so far away from the foundations that have been our moral compass.

I am not evangelizing by any means.

I just take offense an will challenge anyone who claims to share my religious beliefs, but picks and chooses those ideals of our Catholic faith to fit their narrative and politics.

Power is a sexy and dangerous beast.

Many have fallen to its prey.

EVIL has disguised itself in power.

It is rampant and lashes out at anyone who challenges It.

I have said this before and will repeat it again, the moral compass that guides us is the most important quality we can have.

We can disagree politically, but we must be truthful and moral.

We can be honest and know not everyone agrees with us, but may still respect us for being who we are.

We have sat passively enjoying our freedoms, all while those whom we have trusted with power have chipped away at them.

This is human nature.

It is the American spirit to fight for them back.

I fear we are at a crossroads and if you do not feel it in the air, you are not paying attention.

I am not talking about the news. I am talking about the moral divide in the air.

It is tangbile.

Lying has become commonplace.

Immorality cannot be challenged, for it is sexist, racist or otherwise. This is a hollow argument that is often used to avoid introspection in many individuals. It is also used as a justification for immoral behavior.

Theft and destruction are necessary to carry a message. The riots are a prime example of this. The arguments that defend them are filled with immoral messaging. The means does not and will not ever justify these ends.

The Golden Rule has been replaced by selfishness and ego. We do not know our neighbors, therefore we care only for ourselves. We must take back this sense of community. Together we rise, divided we fall.

Here is my reflection:

I work each day at keeping my moral compass pointed north.

We cannot do it for others.

We can only live by example.

We must remember these truths spoken by our founding fathers:

…”that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

A society that does not hold life and liberty at the foundation, will inevitably be reduced to ashes.

Liberty is not the freedom to do as you choose.

Liberty does not exist in the absence of morality.

The misfortunes we are seeing are a recipe of both.

I pray that we return to the foundation we are built on and have the strength and integrity to show others the way.

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