We are starting to find our purpose over here.

It has been 8 weeks since he has donned his uniform and driven his beat.

It has been a slow peeling back of the layers.

Some good.

Some not so good.

The final i’s were dotted and t’s crossed this last week.

No going back now.

I am not sure what either of us expected to happen.

I am not sure if we were waiting for an epiphany of sorts, but it was not a big boom moment that we were waiting for.

It has come in little bits and pieces, and some days it feels right, while others it feels just ok.

Peeling back the layers has drawbacks.

You feel things you have buried for a long, long time.

Nightmares, anxiety and general panic can be paralyzing some days.

An identity that you dropped abruptly is no longer in existence.

You are too young to be done completely, yet just old enough to start something radically new.

You want to embrace the change, but it was essentially forced upon you, and you know going back is not an option.

You seek connections, but they are going through the same grief and emotions that you are.

You are at a loss most days.

You are trying to fill your mind with the Good, not the Evil, that has been so permeating in your daily life up to this point.

I personally am angry at the ungrateful public that took so much away from our family. I am sick and tired to death of hearing that police are evil, racist and unnecessary.

Violence does and always will exist. Police are the responders. It is that simple. They are trained. They are capable.

I want it to be another way too, but it is just not.

There is and always be an ugly side to people.

No amount of well wishes will make this go away.

There must be a group of people willing to run into the place most would run out of.

Here is an idea: how about we stop thinking that feelings are fundamental rights.

Radicals have often tried to reform our society based on feelings.

Sociology, psychology and all of the other social sciences are based upon this.

Allowing this to infiltrate our society was a gigantic mistake. One we have been paying for since the 1960’s.

I say we reform the radical viewpoints that are ruining this beloved nation.

Stop living without consequences or expecting it at all costs.

Stop trying to piece together morality. This is not possible.

Adult choices are hard.

They require wisdom.

They also require the stripping away of feelings from the equation.

They cannot be rooted in selfishness and Evil.

Some things are just wrong, fundamentally wrong, no matter how you try and rework them.

Those hell bent on trying to destroy our nation within must stop hiding behind passive aggressive mentalities and accept that we cannot always do what feels good, because sometimes it is not RIGHT!

I am trying hard to give grace when it is needed, but many are making it harder and harder to do.

God calls us to do the difficult things.

I will answer His call always.

I will continue to pray for this nation and those who are trying to tear it down from within.

I know that Good always supersedes Evil.


A wise man, who so loved this nation once spoke very poetic words:

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid” – Ronald Reagan

Over in this house, we are unafraid.

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